“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." - Maya Angelou

Shannon Nia Alomar, Bronx native, is a Hofstra alum working at CNN as a production assistant for CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. From a young age Shannon recognized her love of writing, communicating and advocating for those who are not able to tell their own stories. Shannon's future aspiration is to become an investigative news reporter on television or radio. In addition to being active in the field, she also desires to become a journalism teacher on the collegiate or high school level. She is also hoping to write fictional novels that not only entertain an audience but teaches them valuable life lessons in a relatable fashion. 

Throughout her time on Hofstra's campus, Shannon was a part of various distinguished organizations including: the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Hofstra Chapter, Collegiate Women of Color, African-Caribbean Society, The Hofstra Chronicle, 88.7FM WRHU Radio Hofstra University, Hofstra Today, Hillel Ask Big Questions Fellowship, and more. Giving back to the community is an important part of life for Shannon, especially since she wants to be able to give back to her hometown located in the South Bronx.  

Currently, Shannon is working for CNN, interns for The Crime Report, writes for the online site The Tempest and plays Queen Nefertiti for the performance company Your Queens. In the past, she has interned for Blavity's news team,  WABC's Here and Now with Sandra Bookman and EmbraceLifeMedia with Tiffani Monique. As a writer, she has contributed to Hofstra's newspaper, The Chronicle, Hofstra University's Association of Black Journalist online newsletter, Black Ink, Black Magazine, DormRoomTV and other online blogs. She is also a ghostwriter for a publisher who specifies in how-to books.