What is normal?

Am I to walk around and fit into your formal stereotyped boxes?

Mask my true identity because there is no room for me here.

But I cannot simply remove my skin in white washes.

My melanin does not go away with the fading of a tan,

So do not ask me to lay on your sandy beaches with clear blue waters hiding the truth on the other side of the boardwalk

There's a divide between being clear and clearing away the tides that were made by my people.

Their blood, sweat and tears made this country,


Twitter continues to show me the blood spilled on sidewalks and it is being categorized as "fears."

His hands are up.

She didn't shoot.

How can he scare you from his back?

Why did you steal their youth?

All these questions arise and all the evidence is transparent

But, if this has become a reality,

Does normal equate to killing?