This silly thing we try so hard to grasp and lock away within our hearts

This thing that make us do unexplainable and sometimes unspeakable things

This “thing” that makes us want to keep giving our all, even when the actions are not repaid


For a long time I’ve tried to create a definitive answer or explanation of this word but I realized it is not something that can be put in a box and hold to one standard

It is something that is felt, not spoken

It is something that is unconditional, not contracted

It is something that is beyond human comprehension, but is a human aspiration

I’ve witnessed love in many rare forms

Not mine alone, but through others

From my family to my friends to the tumblr videos visually expressing people’s love stories to the couples I cut eyes at on campus… sometimes

I’ve witnessed this indescribable, yet heartwarming thing that I have always aspired to gain

But one day I realized it is not something that can be rushed, it is created

Then I realized that all those emotions I have been seeking already surround me from one person


Not an abstract him that can be found on this Earth, but Him, the great I am, the everlasting father and greatest love I will ever have

From the moment I was born, and even beforehand, God wrapped me in a cloak of understanding that even too this day is too powerful for me to understand

He knows what I need before I do

He can read me clearer than the bluest oceans

He makes me feel a comfort that not even the warmest physical touch can bring

No matter how many times I mess up He is right there with open arms waiting for me to run into His embrace

And most of all, he allows me to be who I am and helps me to love me the way He has always loved me

If I could sing, I would sing of his love

If I could dance, I was bust out the meanest praise dances you’ve ever seen

If I could draw I would take every color He’s ever created and paint a masterpiece of timeless wonders

But all I can do is write and lyrical compose words of his Grace

So here goes

Dear You,

You are amazing in every sense of the word

Some people believe you are not real because of how outstanding your relation to your people is, but I know you are

You reveal yourself to me every day in the smallest and biggest ways imaginable

Hold my hand and walk me to your promise land

I know sometime I may fall off and go astray and lose my way

But call me home and I will return because I am forever indebted to you

No material item in this world can compare to your grace

No sweet and well versed words could make me melt like yours do

No one could ever prove to me that they are as trustworthy and committed to me as you are because you died on a cross for me to be saved

Dying, is a concept I am greatly fearful of, but if you ever tell me my time is up and I must return to you I will depart happily because in your kingdom is where I want to spend eternity

So make me someone worthy of the name of being your child

Make me a proverbs 31 women to whatever partner you have designed for me, God bless him

And make me a mother of your creation and a future nation because I want you to use me in ways I could never imagine

Help me to continue to make you and those around me proud

Help me to continue to hold my head up high even in moments of despair and desperation

And help me to be vulnerable with you so I can heal and still proclaim your will

People may not always understand why I constantly bring up your name like a love-stricken school girl

But until they have found you they will never understand

The day you saved me from me was the day my entire life turned around

So what is love?

God is love and love is Him

Shannon Nia Alomar 

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