Remember when we were strange fruit hanging from the trees but never ripe enough to get picked?

Remember when we had no voice but a single syllable could get us whipped?

Remember when our whole sore body counted as three-fifth of a person?

Or when it was time to vote we seemed to miss every election

Remember when color determined whether you were inside or out?

Remember when water fountains would discriminate, and schools did too and if your red blood had any trace of black DNA you were just an ugly coon?

I may have not been there but my bloodline was and I have the burning desire to remind us all

"Agitate, agitate, agitate" were Frederick Douglass' final words

Martin Luther King said a man who won't die for something is not fit to live

Ghandi said be the change you want to see in the world

But all I see is people complying and standing still

You all want to be down but watch from your rooftops

You all say black power but unplug when the new package includes the life of hard knocks

Wake up!

Y'all must have forgotten

You're comfortable with society when it's constantly supporting

Our demise and extinction

Our men are in cages

Our boys only care about paychecks

Our women are acting like peasants

Our girls are mistaken for playthings

And we fail to realize our new mastas faces

Whether it be tuition or conditions that make you a victim of controlled circumstances

I don't mean to be a buzzkill but I know we all like to keep it real

And I am tired of watching everyone complain but when a flier goes around that doesn't promote rump shaking y'all turn away

Something doesn’t equate

Maybe my finance majors can find a solution but I don't have time to crunch numbers

I’m here sifting through life

Trying to find golden nuggets of knowledge

Drain water from the wells of history

And pass around the broken chains of freedom

We like to say that we are being held down by oppression

But power concedes nothing without demand

It never did and it never will

So if choose to just sit around and wait for someone to find your action-less fight

Your plight will continue to be treacherous

They say don’t live in the past but you can’t ignore it when it’s staring you dead in the face

Pick your place and don’t let it be the slide line

Don’t be defined by race but don’t misplace its face with a blank stare and white walls with no splash of your past

If you're only concerned with this click clack pow, bow down, close your eyes in this dark room and fumble around trying hold on to what’s hot new you’ll surely burn

Remember when people didn't hid behind screens and when had a message with a meaning they would scream it aloud

While take my words as a hammer

I’m leaving this screen shattered

You can try to pick up the pieces

But while you bending over looking down

Someone is going to step on your back, raise up and leave you broken

So if you ready to stop pretending and move a mountain

Meet me at the start line

Because this battle is far from the finish

Shannon Nia Alomar