Zebra striped

Black and white intermixed children are not the only ones with dilemmas or

Crisis pertaining to identity

You see, interracial does not only consist of exotic combination of I genetics and tastes

Beneath my brown skin tone and retention of melanin is a river of Latin blood pumping through my veins

And although my linage and familiar ties claim me to be such, African American and Puerto Rican,

To an external viewer I may be categorized as black

In fact, when I tell people to guess what oceans my family has crossed and voyages they have witnessed

Slave, chains and hair coiled into kinky rings are the only relation they can visualize creating this figure that stands before you

Me But if I told you it's innate in me to want to dance and sing in a cultural tone that is my own but I cannot readily express because I was not well versed or trained on how to be one half of me

Alomar is not just a random last name that I claim and one day hope to being to frame

It's origin is from Spain and although I have not obtained its full meaning, I know that I subconsciously carry it with a high demeanor

The old saying goes the grass is greener on the other side But within I can't decide with portion of me I should consider the queen

Forget a silver spoon, I was born with a fork full of collard greens tantalizIng my tastebuds

And I cried for sweet tea on my greatgrandmama's porch rug

But no one on my mom's side taught me to love florals and salsa music like I do

And none of them could understand why I use to pretend to sing songs in Spanish

But neither did I

It was something in me, that was suppressed because I was not granted the opportunity be one with la familia de mi papa

Even then, I probably said that wrong

But high school Spanish can't teach me how to be a Puerto Rican child

And the streets of the Bronx ring loud with the culture, but my grandma front door welcomed me home to the south day in and day out

So to this day there is a constant identity crisis within me

More than what your eyes can see

More than what I can even express

And just when I hoped to attract its caress

My connecting tie was laid to rest

Dormir en Paz Papi

Rest in peace daddy

Shannon Nia Alomar