“Please put it down” she yells as his blade-like fingertips thrash her cheek

Weak, she’s introduced to the tile and attempts to speak

Softer than the faintest whisper she looks up at the mister, head and hands shaking


What did she do to deserve the inflamed patches of skin and the lies so conveniently packed away into a powder?

Highlight and conceal, but what is she expected to feel

“He’s love me” she says

But love ran away the night the “d” replaced its tense to present a past sense of his devotion

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone but how will you get along when the wooden case closes

Then will you offer her roses?

An apology filled with sympathetic clichés of “I love yous” and “I’m sorrys”

Why should you get to walk away unscathed when her only crime was falling in love with a monster like you?


The roots of history and the future collide in her womb

Yet, you’re too consumed trying to upkeep this beat of destruction

Enlighten me on your means the way her eyes use to glisten with hope of the perfect fairy-tale ending

When did tender kisses turn into torn tendons?

Burning desires into broken bones

A pounding heart into pulverizing fists

Massages into medical expenses

Love into a death sentence


Her only crime was trusting a monster like you

Being a victim in the arms that once made her feel safe

Security, a word of comfort that began to remind her of the taste of her own blood

Darkness soon became her friend in the moments you left her to fend for herself

To fight her own battles, mainly with you

“Clean yourself up,” you’d say

But each day the stains went through her clothes, onto her skin and into her soul

What body wash you know is able to replenish the black hole that has transpired into the realm of the spiritual


Waking up to presents like its Christmas in July can never erase the pain that black eye sent through her body

Flowers in December will always make her remember the first time you defiled her very presence with the venom you commonly recognized as words

Chocolates in October, February and once again in April will never sweeten or soften the impact of the attacks

Plus signs in March were never supposed to pay the cost through kicks and leather belted whips that stole the only king who would ever treat her like the queen so deserved to be


Her only crime was giving you the time of day on that faithful corner when you stopped her by the hand and told her you were a real man who knew how to appreciate a woman

Some say she should have seen it coming

Should of walked away the day dinner plates and wine glasses went crashing on the floor

Should of walked away the day the first son was lost

Should of walked away when he left her in the streets for a night

Should of walked away when her family told her all they could do was pray

Should of walked away the time he turned her day into night with one flick of the wrist

There were so many should of days like this, but she said, “He loves me”

And in the courtroom, they said her only crime was believing him and not saying stop

Shannon Nia Alomar