Dear graduate,

Your time has come although it may seem surreal

Months have passed like old memories and years like forgotten friends and enemies

You may worry about what’s to come, but regardless your journey is not done

I write this not to sound like a greeting card

Or a cheesy rhyme

I write this as parting gift

Or something you can read to pass time

Your light has touched so many

Your message has reached a few

But as you age and find your way that statement will no longer be true

Your accomplishments have not gone unnoticed

And neither has your smile

Go out there and change the world

God will show you how

But before you take off running (as you often do)

Take a deep breath and a step

It’s a simple rule

As you walk to receive your degree

As your throw your cap in the air

As you take a thousand pictures

As you congratulate your peers

Remember the times you spent here

Remember the things you’ll miss

Remember the lessons you’ve learned

And always remember this

Failures will come

But success will not be far behind it

Knowledge is power

So always be sure to use it

Don’t forget to be open minded

Always seize the day

What would a graduate poem be without a few clichés?

I am proud of you reaching this mile stone

Gracefully approach the other side

And if you ever get worried

Know you’ll always have a friend you can confide in


Shannon Nia Alomar