Multicolored eyes should not be solely based on pigment

Different tones of flesh should not be so distant

History has shown how humans have overthrown cornerstones of oppression and aggression

Here’s the lesson

Hush and listen

From the storks nest to your mother’s womb

You weren’t brought into this world in a tomb


Why choose to die from being shelled inside due to ignorant connotations

I think some call it “hateration”

But we’re living in a nation of undermined appreciation

They say “we can change the world”

But why wait for eventually

When the answer is in front of you and even me

Perception is the name of the game

Don’t sit back and look so tame

Blame, oh blame, someone is always to blame

But I’ll say it again

Perception is the name of the game

Our world is ever changing


Not complacent with the pacing

It is exciting, often inviting, always vibrant

If you try it

Honestly where would we be without this glorious ideology

It’s not psychology or biology

But Diversity

What do I mean?

Through my multicolored eyes I have seen 

Jerk chicken laid pon arroz con pollo

I have seen fist pumps intertwined with krumps

I have seen him and her

Him and him

Her and her

Fall in love without limitations

I have seen student graduate from college and immigration

I have seen everything from ni hao to shalom

Service to masses

Uptown to cross country

Jumping the broom and stepping on glasses

Rainbows sitting in classes

This list can get massive

But it’s attractive


Ever growing

It is alive and well and many keep it showing

If you are willing to obtain it do not give into suppression

Or neglect a valued outlet

Of multicultural expression

Forget rose colored glasses

Try some multicolored lenses on for size

Guaranteed to allow you to be open minded

And not ostracize man kind

 The depletion of intolerance can be summed up in a word

Help communities thrive and create songs unheard

Bring a level of understanding among brothers and sisters of the world


One word

Now repeat it to your herd 

Shannon Nia Alomar

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