"Little black girl why do you cry"

"They hair not as nappy as mine"

"Little black girl why do you sing"

"Thats the moment I feel I have wings"

"Little black girl why do you run"

"I feel better when I can feel a breeze and the sun"

"Little black girl why do you yell"

"To make sure that my message heard well"

"Little black girl how do you dress"

"Pink flat shoes and long flowy cotton dress"

"Little black girl do you go school"

"Of course, I know knowledge rule"

"Little black girl what do you want to be"

"I want to be a role model for my family"

"Little black girl isn't that baggage heavy"

"Yes but it was passed on by many"

"Little black girl do you know your past"

"Of course I do, it's what made me last"

"Little black girl who do you claim to be"

"Claim to be myself, all I can be is me"

"Little black girl can we wrap this up"

"Shocked that I'm so tough"

"Little black girl what you said you want to be"

"An inspiration for my family"

"Don't you think that will be tough"

"Don't think little black girls have had enough"

Shannon Nia Alomar