Click here to read the article on the Chronicle site.

Click here to read the article on the Chronicle site.

By Shannon Nia Alomar


Among other big changes to take place over the summer, the Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA) has gone through a transition phase and is now the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE) led by director Nestor Melendez.

In addition to the change in name, the office has added several elements to cater to the student experience. The Division of Student Affairs assures that their job and concerns go beyond overseeing the activities that take place on campus.

“The office works to provide programming for leadership development, student engagement, community services, experiential learning, orientation and first-year programming, and fraternity/sorority life… to name a few,” the Student Affairs office said.

Multicultural and International Student Programming Office (MISPO) since disbanded as well.

The International Students Affairs Office, directed by Jennifer Christ, now solely focuses on international students and provides individualized administrative and academic support.

The multicultural element of MISPO found its new home in the OSLE office under the division entitled the office of Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion (IEI).

IEI is now responsible for the cultural programming at the University including an LGBT office overseen by Chad Remington.

The Division of Student Affairs also highlighted the launch of new student support efforts like the Director Claudia Andrade in Student Advocacy and Prevention Awareness, The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) with Dean Diane Herbert, a new Title-IX Coordinator, Lara Nochomovitz. Lastly, the former Services for Students with Disabilities is now named Student Access Services (SAS).

The Student Government Association (SGA) and University Senate Board are also working in conjunction with the newly christened office to advocate for students to continue improving the quality of services and offerings for the Hofstra student experience.

As far as the division’s hopes for the school year, “We hope to see an increase in student engagement and participation. We are so proud of the leadership opportunities and events put on by OSLE and are eager for as many students as possible to take part in these programs.” (31)