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Click photo to read article on The Chronicle site. 

By Shannon Alomar

Hofstra University is known as a “vibrant campus,” according to its website, but some may wonder what makes it so extraordinary. To answer that question, last week, Hofstra students, faculty, administrators and alumni participated in the second annual #DayInThePride.
Karla Schuster, assistant vice president of public relations, described the 24-hour day of posting as an opportunity for participants to not only showcase what happens on campus, but off-campus as well.

“…being a member of the Hofstra Pride is something that you take with you wherever you go. One definition of pride is the feeling of being proud of our institution. The other definition of pride is a group of lions forming a social unit, essentially a family – that’s where we get the idea of our mascots Kate and Willie Pride from. So #DayInThePride is about celebrating both those definitions of pride: the feeling of being proud of Hofstra and the feeling that Hofstra is a family,” Schuster said.
Many may expect that current students would out-post anyone participating, but it seems the alumni of the Pride are just as active on social media and are excited to post about their memories from Hofstra and where they are now.
Recent 2015 graduate Sydney Colbert said she participated to show off her Hofstra Pride in California, because many people there have not heard of Hofstra University.
“I still have friends that are currently attending Hofstra and I love to see not only how they spend their days but [also] how their decisions in what to post for #DayInThePride differed from the year before,” Colbert said.

Another group of people on campus who actively participate in #DayInThePride are Hofstra’s student-athletes. Larissa Anderson, head softball coach, said she believes it is important for student-athletes to participate in spirit-driven days on campus because people outside of the athletic environment may not understand what the daily life of a Division I athlete entails.
“We are a nationally ranked Division I collegiate program that receives national exposure and attention, and the #DayInThePride is a great opportunity for the Hofstra softball program to show their support of their school and also add a twist to what the daily life is like being a Division I athlete at Hofstra,” Anderson said.

For prospective students this day may prove to be another selling point for why they should attend the university. There are so many aspects of Hofstra life displayed that they are able to get a true feel of what it is like to be a part of the Pride.

Anderson suggests that all prospective students do research on any school they are interested in and get as much information as they can, but she points out that seeing active students show school spirit really grabs one’s attention.

“When students are actively involved in their school, when they take great pride in the core values of the university, athletic department and program(s) they represent, they become loyal, dedicated and invested in their education and university. This commitment and dedication continues well past graduation,” Anderson said.

Colbert also advises any interested students to view everything posted on the day as different perspectives of people’s view on their Hofstra experience.
Colbert said, “The diversity is great and that is one thing Hofstra prides itself on.”